Information on the
Model "A" Ford Youth Scholarship Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
All children/grandchildren, or youth member, of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) or Model “A” Restorers Club (MARC). Membership for one year prior to application in either national club is required.

Are there any fees involved?
Absolutely not, the scholarship is free. There are no fees or charges, hidden or otherwise.

Do the winners pay income tax on the grant money?
The Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. is not in any position to provide income tax advice since the circumstances can vary in different cases. We suggest that you consult your tax adviser.

How much is the award?
Each Scholarship winner will get a maximum of $4,000 payable in up to four $1,000 installments depending on the length of time of undergraduate studies undertaken. At the end of each school year, each student is required to furnish proof of achieving at least a 2.0 GPA and continuation of education to receive each successive $1,000 check.

When and where will the Scholarship Awards be made?
In even years scholarship awards will be presented at the MAFCA National Convention, while odd year awards will be presented at the MARC National Meet.

How much of the donations go to the Scholarship Winners?
All of the donations go into the Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. and directly to the awardees.

What part does the sponsor, the Victoria Association, play?
IRS rules prohibit donors from taking tax deductions for gifts to an organization such as the Victoria Association. Therefore, the Scholarship Fund, an IRS 501 (c) (3) organization, was set up specifically by the Victoria Association to permit the donors to take tax deductions.

The Victoria Association Board of Directors appoints the volunteer Scholarship Board from the membership of the Victoria Association. The Victoria Association pays all the administrative expenses for the Fund, thus allowing all donations to go directly to scholarships. The Victoria Association has no other function and does not profit in any way from money received.

How is the scholarship funded?
The Scholarship raises money by soliciting donations from the various chapters/regions of MAFCA/MARC, by personal donations, corporate donations and fund raising efforts of many of the MAFCA chapters or MARC Regions and individual members.

What are the application requirements for the scholarship?
Applicants must furnish the following information or the application will not be processed:
1. A completed application form;
2. Membership in MAFCA or MARC by parents, grandparents or applicant for one year prior to application and for all years of Scholarship;
3. Must be less than 26 years of age at time of application;
4. A copy of High School Diploma or GED Certificate and certified copy of GPA;
5. A recommendation form and letter of recommendation from a teacher;
6. A recommendation form from the sponsoring MAFCA Chapter or MARC Region President or other Model A hobbyist if no president is available;
7. Copy of college or other educational institution acceptance letter together with class registration;
8. A hand written letter by the applicant, in their own words, stating the level of involvement in the Model A hobby;
9. A good reproducible photo to be used in an article in The Restorer Magazine and Model A News announcing award winners. Photos taken by professional photographers are not acceptable as it is against the law to reproduce them without permission.

Where can I obtain an application and ask questions about the scholarship?
You can obtain an application by writing to one of the scholarship board members below:

Model A Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc.
c/o Jo Johnson – President
375 High Head Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079

Who selects the scholarship award winners?
The Scholarship Board of Directors selects the award winners from all applications received for each year. The criteria used are indicated on the application forms and are weighed according to Fund policy. All the applicants are all treated equally in the process of scoring irrespective of sex, Model A national organization, or country of citizenship.

How are the winners notified?
The President of the Fund contacts all winners by phone and sends a letter to all non-winners to inform them that they were not selected to receive a scholarship and to encouraged them to reapply the following year.

The Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. Board of Directors

Jo Johnson – President
Anne Neely-Beck – Vice President
Martie Wiedle – Secretary
Barbara Tallone – Treasurer
Charlie Viscosa - Founding President